Here is the abridged version that you can copy and

paste wherever you want. If someone challenges the validity of any of these claims, see below for the longer explanation with links to PROOF of everything stated.


12/19-Warren tweets her admiration for Paul Volcker, calling him "great"

09/19-Warren quietly turns to Hillary Clinton for help

08/19-She tells the establishment elites that she will not challenge their power

08/19-She holds $10,000 private fundraiser dinner with big donors after criticizing others for the same

05/19-She called on more funding to military budget, calling it a climate plan as cover

04/19-She took $175,000 from big donor after promising not to during the primaries

02/19-She gives Donald Trump a standing ovation during his speech

02/19-She flip-flopped on her stance regarding sanctions on Venezuela

02/19-She qualified pledge on not taking big donor money to the primaries only. General election is ok

02/19-She took heritage test that proves she is not Native American, as she has claimed

11/17-She admits the primaries were rigged, then one week later she flip flops saying it was "fair" 

09/17-She voted for giving trump MORE than he requested for the defense budget

11/16-She is silent on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, though falsely claiming the same heritage 

09/16-She signed right-wing lobbyist group AIPAC letter urging Obama to veto resolutions in Israel

01/15-She took money from hedge fund millionaire in exchange for praising his company, Better Markets

08/14-She defended Israel bombing schools and hospitals, and her vote to send Israel $225 million

09/12-She lied about helping asbestos victims, she helped the company get immunity from future suits

01/96-She leaves republican party, saying they used to support "level playing field". When??

07/95-She helped Dow Chemical get out of liability to breast implant victims

05/95-She attempted to overturn ruling that said LTV Steel had to pay former employees what was owed

06/90-She helped corporation buy and liquidate company instead of saving it, leaving many out of work

08/80-She argued that utility companies are over-regulated, in spite of consumer advocate concerns





  • February 6, 2020: Several campaign staff members have quit Warren's campaign and issued complaints of a toxic work environment in which minorities felt tokenized and senior leadership was at loggerheads. Six staffers have left the roughly 70-person Nevada team since November, during a critical stretch of the race. Three of them said they felt marginalized by the campaign, a situation they said didn’t change or worsened after they took their concerns to their superiors or to human resources staff.

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  • January 12, 2020: Warren's campaign attempted to attack Bernie Sanders with lies because they were struggling in the polls. First, an anonymous source leaked a ridiculous charge that Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn't win. Sanders vehemently denied the charge and Warren decided to stay silent for more than 24 hours, allowing the media to push the narrative of "sexist". The truth is that Bernie looked into whether Warren could be both vp and treasury secretary at once in a Sanders admin. He encouraged Warren to run in 2015 and only entered the race once Warren decided not to. He also campaigned for Hillary relentlessly in 2016 once she won the nomination. 

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  • September, 2019: Elizabeth Warren quietly turns to Hillary Clinton for help. Enough said.

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  • August, 2019: Warren sends hand written notes to leaders in the democratic party and quietly takes various steps to make it clear that "she does NOT want to create a competing power base should she become president" New York Times praised her as a "team player"....meaning she will not challenge to current system of power. This is the reason establishment democrats and corporate owned media have reluctantly started to back her. Once their preferred candidates (Kamala/Buttigeig/Beto) didn't make any impact, Warren became their last line of defense against real change.

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  • August, 2019: After criticizing candidates who hold big donor fundraisers, she will attend a San Francisco fundraiser in August, where donors can pay $10,000 to attend a private dinner party.

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  • May 15, 2019: Warren released a plan calling on more funding to the already inflated military budget by pretending it was a plan to combat climate change. She is quoted as saying “Our military can help lead the fight in combating climate change.” 

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  • May 2, 2019: Elizabeth Warren hires a huge lobbyist in Washington named Paul Egerman, whose nick name is "Personal PAC Man". 

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  • April, 2019: Warren turned to a top democratic donor and wealthy Silicon Valley physician named Karla Jurvetson, to help pay more than $175,000 for access to a crucial voter database. Her campaign maintains that Warren herself did not make any calls to Jurvetson in order to facilitate the contribution, nor did the campaign solicit the money at a fundraising event. So, her logic here is that they came to her, so the money is untainted, which is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. People don't pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for nothing. We all know money speaks louder than anything in politics.

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  • February, 2019: In January, Warren said she was opposed sanctions against Venezuela. She was quoted as saying “Instead of reckless threats of military action or sanctions that hurt those in need, we should be taking real steps to support the Venezuelan people.”, but by February, she had changed her mind. On a podcast, she said “I support economic sanctions but now we’re gonna start, we’ve got to turn the dial some here we have to offer humanitarian help at the same time.”

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  • February, 2019: Warren pledged not to take corporate money, piggybacking on Bernie Sanders' life long pledge of refusing to take super PAC and big corporate money. She had no problem taking their money before the primary, and she later qualified her pledge to only the primary...meaning she will take their money in the general election.

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  • February 5, 2019: We all know about Warren claiming to have a Cherokee ancestor for years. Trump challenged her claims and she decided to "dunk" on him by taking a heritage test.....which backfired when it revealed she had no such ancestor. She claims to have never gotten professional advancement because of this claim, but that doesn't make much sense. It is one thing to make this claim at your kitchen table. It is a completely different problem when you make this claim on official forms and applications. In an era of affirmative action, why else would the State Bar of Texas ask anyone their race? Also, why would a blonde haired white lady identify as anything other than....WHITE as her primary race? Although she has since apologized, this incident is extremely embarrassing and will not be forgotten if she ends up facing trump in the general election. He will turn her into a joke.

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  • February 5, 2019: During Donald Trump's speech, Elizabeth Warren gave him a standing ovation. Enough said here.

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  • September, 2017: Warren voted for a bill called the National Defense Authorization Act, giving $37 billion MORE than what trump had originally requested, totaling $640 BILLION on the defense budget, which is already over funded.. Bernie Sanders was one of only EIGHT who voted no on this bill. Why are we adding to the already inflated military budget? Why are we giving trump MORE than what he asked for? Why did so many "democrats" vote yes on this bill?

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  • November 9, 2017: Elizabeth Warren flip flops on her claim that the 2016 primaries were rigged. When she was on Jake Tapper's show, Tapper asked whether she believed the primary had been rigged, Warren answered without hesitation, "Yes." One week later she walked back the claim, saying the selection process had been "fair".

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  • June, 2017: Elizabeth Warren's daughter is co-founder of HealthAllies, now United Healthgroup...a for profit health care company. This is the reason Warren is not specific with a plan for health care on her website. She has no plan to move to a medicare for all system and hurt her daughter's wallet. She is saying what people want to hear in a vague way so she can later claim she hasn't broken any promises.

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  • November 2016: Warren was noticeably silent on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. For months, she said nothing while peaceful protesters were being attacked by dogs, pepper sprayed, tear gassed and hosed with water in subfreezing temperatures. A 21-year-old girl nearly lost her arm due to police throwing a concussion grenade at the peaceful protesters. Native Americans were being strong armed and abused by their own government and Elizabeth Warren said nothing, while falsely claiming their heritage.

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  • September, 2016: Warren signed an AIPAC-sponsored letter urging Obama to veto “one-sided” resolutions. AIPAC is a powerful right-wing pro-Israel lobbying outfit. Warren has also“attended the annual dinners hosted by the AIPAC Boston chapter and counts among her supporters some mainstream pro-Israel backers, including Steve Grossman, a former Massachusetts treasurer who was also president of AIPAC.” Bernie Sanders refused to sign this letter.

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  • January, 2015: Elizabeth Warren has a long history of taking money from an organization called Better Markets, funded by multi-millionaire hedge-fund manager Michael Masters. Warren was the key note speaker at their meeting in 2013 and wrote a testimonial on their website. In return for her efforts, Better Markets operates as a high-profile surrogate cheerleader for Warren’s crusades. Dennis Kelleher, who is President and CEO at Better Markets, has done endless interviews praising her. If you don't believe me, google "Warren Better Markets Dennis Kelleher" to see the amount of fluff pieces he does for her.

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  • August, 2014: During a town hall meeting, Elizabeth Warren defended Israel bombing schools and killing more than 2,100 innocent civilians and children. She said “When Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they’re using their civilian population to protect their military assets, and I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself.” She also voted for $225 million to be sent to Israel

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  • 2009: Warren claimed she was protecting a $500 million settlement for asbestos victims when she represented Travelers, the large insurance company ordered to pay. She was not hired by the company to protect the victims, she was hired to protect the insurance company. Travelers paid Warren $212,000 for her to fight for immunity from future lawsuits brought by victims...which she got.

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  • January, 1996: Warren changes political party from Republican to Democrat at the age of 47....yes, you read that right...at 47 years old. One could just assume she finally "saw the light", until you hear her reasoning. She claims Republicans used to be about "leveling the playing field" between corporations and people, and that they moved away from that. The implication being that Republicans used to be about fair play while she was in their party. History shows us that this has NEVER been true. Perhaps her perception changed, but the republican party have never fought for a "level playing field"....not in the 70's, 80's or 90's....this is proven by the sheer number of corporations that back republicans, and the long history of the republican party screwing over the people for corporate profits. (SEE RONALD REAGAN 1981 - 1989)

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  • 1995: Elizabeth Warren worked to limit Dow Chemical’s liability to breast implant victims. Warren was hired as legal counsel for one of the Committees of the bankruptcy estate of Dow Chemical. She claimed that she only helped set up the trusts for the women, but that has proven to be untrue. Dow Chemical was actively fighting to not pay the women what was ordered. They claimed bankruptcy to AVOID having to pay, and Warren was brought in during the bankruptcy stage. “The notion that Warren was representing anyone other than her client is preposterous,” Mr. Jacobson said. “As an attorney, she had a duty of loyalty to Dow Chemical. If she explored possible ways in which Dow Chemical could extricate itself through settlement, her services were on behalf of and for the benefit of Dow Chemical, not the women.”

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  • 1995: Warren represented LTV Steel in its attempt to overturn a ruling forcing it to pay $140 million in retirement benefits to former employees. Warren was called in to represent the company on the question of whether LTV should be required to pay money into the fund upon coming out of bankruptcy. She argued that it should not be, and that any obligations to the fund should have been addressed by the bankruptcy court.

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  • 1990: Making $675-an-hour for corporate legal work, Warren helped Southwestern Electric Power Co. snatch up operations of a failing competing company called Cajun Electric Power Cooperative. “Her client was a large power company that wanted to liquidate the cooperative, not to save it,”. When it was revealed that Ms. Warren did not have a license to practice law in Massachusetts, she insisted first that she wasn’t operating as a full-scale lawyer and then that she never practiced in a Massachusetts courtroom. Court records showed both claims were inaccurate.

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  • 1980: Warren was a staunch supporter of "reaganomics". As a professor at the University of Houston, Warren wrote a paper which argued that utility companies were over-regulated and that automatic utility rate increases should be institutionalized to avoid “regulatory lag,” in spite of consumer advocate concerns.

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Warren American Indian Claim.jpg



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